Wednesday, March 2, 2011

iPhone Photos

I love taking pictures with my iPhone. Ever since I got it, I’d say that I take twice as many pictures as I used to. Besides the standard camera app, I’ve downloaded four extras; Hipstamatic, Instagram, ClassicToy and Pocket Booth. I figured it might be fun to share some of the pictures that I've taken recently.


This is the last picture I took of my apartment building before I moved in December. I was waiting for the bus across the street.


These signs were on our bedroom and bathroom doors when we moved in. I took them down right away.


My sister's iPhone case. I love it, but its just not heavy duty enough to stand up to me. I drop my phone fairly often.


Jaybo really wanted a piece of my pie. He's got some serious self restraint.


Who doesn't love a sleeping nephew picture?

IMG_0623I've got cupcakes in my bathroom!


The boys I nanny and I baked a cake for their Grandpa.


My birthday presents from my Tuesday Thursday family.


My new ice cream maker!


We had some friends over to make pizzas. Each couple made their own pizza, and this is how Al decided to garnish his half of the pizza; with doritos.


Chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Reese's. Recipe will be posted here tomorrow!


I take a lot of pictures while waiting for the bus, just to amuse myself. This wall was filled with coffee cups, and upon closer inspection, I found that some people has written inspirational messages on them.


I made some Turkish Pita bread last night. These things are huge! There's something so satisfying to me when a yeast dough turns out beautifully like this.

What have you taken pictures of lately?

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