Monday, March 28, 2011

Dinner & Ballet

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This past Thursday was mine and Stephen’s 3 year anniversary, and I promised to let you know how we celebrated it. About a month ago, Stephen told me that he thought of something to do for our anniversary. I was surprised because I hadn’t even thought of our anniversary yet! He planned this whole date, and kept it super secret from me for nearly a month. I was starting to go crazy, because he would mention it all the time just to drive me nuts. He even made dinner reservations right in front of me!

We started the night off with dinner at NOtaBLE, a still relatively new restaurant in Calgary. I find it to be in an odd location, on a busy street not far from where my parents live. It’s not a location that you’d expect a restaurant to be in (on one end of the block, there’s a Husky, and across the street is a tattoo parlour and a pizza shop). That didn’t stop the food from being amazing though. I ordered a ravioli of confit chicken that was happiness in my mouth. We didn’t have time for dessert though, so I’ll have to go back another time.



During dinner, Stephen had handed me a plain white envelope. I ripped it open knowing that whatever was enclosed was the key to the second half of our night; ballet tickets! I have always wanted to go to the ballet. I had even put it on my 101 list, so it was really no secret that this is something I wanted to do. This was a huge deal for me because anyone who knows Stephen knows that he’s just not the ballet kind of guy; he was doing this all for me. I’m surprised that he even found a performance on the night of our anniversary! We saw Serenade & Vigil of Angels; two separate performances in one night. (To read a bit more about the performances, click over to the Alberta Ballet website.) Both performances were amazing. I was so glad that I was able to see them, and even more excited about the fact that I got a two for one deal! I’ve always been fascinated by the gracefulness of ballet, probable because I’m so ungraceful myself.

The night was a huge success, and well worth all of the planning that Stephen put into it. I’m an incredibly lucky girl, and I’m sure to let Stephen know that as often as possible.

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