Monday, June 10, 2013

Iced Coffee is My Fave!

I didn’t intend to only write one post last week after my return to blogging, but it’s been kind of hectic around here lately. In true Angela fashion, I can’t do anything the easy way. When I decide to return to blogging, it needs to be less than 83 days out from our wedding, and in the midst of a bunch of family coming to visit. We’ve got Stephen’s Dad here now. He’ll leave Friday morning, then Stephen’s Mom will come into Calgary on Friday afternoon. All of this, while my Grandma is visiting from Ontario! At least she’s staying with my parents.
Before I get into blogging about the wedding, I want to talk about BzzAgent for a little bit. My return to blogging just happened to coincide with me signing up for BzzAgent, and it wasn’t intentional at all. You have to know that I was given some free products to try out, but I’m only ever going to blog about a product I truly love.

I first heard about International Delight Iced Coffee quite a few months ago, but at that time, it wasn’t available in Canada. You see, I’ve been in love with International Delight creamers for quite some time, and to learn that they were making iced coffee was rather exciting for me. When I signed up for BzzAgent and was chosen to finally try some ID iced coffee, I was only just a wee bit excited! I immediately headed to Walmart and got the Caramel Macchiato flavoured coffee. So glad that I started off with that one!
Ha, excuse the cheesy picture, but I was excited! I had just gotten home from work; it was a hot day and we had been outside for several hours playing. Coming home and pouring myself a large tumbler-full of iced coffee was the perfect treat. Since then, I’ve also tried the Mocha flavoured iced coffee (so good!), but I have yet to try vanilla. Don’t worry, it’s on my list of things to do really soon.
I’ve talked nonstop about this International Delight Iced Coffee to my family and friends lately. Everyone who has tried it has loved it as much as I have. I’m thinking that I’ll need to purchase a few cartons for my bridal shower this coming Saturday…after all, my bridal shower is coffee themed!
Best part about ID iced coffee? It’s convenient (your pour it and drink it, no need to worry about brewing/flavouring/sweetening it) and it’s affordable. Now that’s my kind of coffee.
Have you tried International Delight iced coffee yet? If so, what’s your favourite flavour?

Monday, June 3, 2013

355 Days

That’s how long it’s been since I last blogged. Nearly a whole year has gone by without a post! At first, I didn’t miss it. I enjoyed the freedom of no longer coming up with new and original content for this blog. As time passed though, I slowly started to miss it. I missed the little online community that I had created here. I also missed the creative outlet. Last week, I decided to just go ahead and start blogging again. I have no idea if anyone will come by and read my posts, but I’m going to start writing again and hope for the best!
A lot of things have happened in the past year, but I’m going to talk about the most exciting thing…I got engaged in February! After nearly 5 years of dating, Stephen proposed! I do have to point out (for those of you who may be wondering) that it wasn’t a Valentine’s Day proposal (Stephen isn’t cheesy like that). It was, however, a birthday proposal (Stephen is cheesy like that), and it was perfect.
Stephen took me out for a date night, to a movie theatre we don’t often go to because of how far it was from us. He let me pick the movie, which ended up being nowhere near as funny as the commercials led us to believe. As we were leaving the theatre, he dragged me into the photo booth located nearby. I’ve dragged him into many photo booths throughout our relationship, so this wasn’t anything new to me. As I sat on his knee, I concerned myself with how we were going to pose. Little did I know, at that time, he was busy pulling a ring out of his pocket. As the camera started snapping pictures, Stephen started his proposal. Here’s one thing that you need to know first- Stephen told me before we started dating that he liked to buy his girlfriends jewellery. Well, in the nearly 5 years we had been together, he had never bought me a single piece of jewellery! This was something that I never let him live down, I loved bugging him about that whenever I got the chance! Anyway, he started off the proposal by telling me that he wanted the first piece of jewellery he ever bought me to be the most important one of all. *sigh* So incredibly cheesy, but just the way I like it.
It was such a perfect moment; quiet and intimate, and we’ve got pictures of the whole thing. Typical girl warning: I’m not very photogenic when I’m caught off guard, so I’m making some funny faces in these pictures. I’ve decided that I just don’t care though, I’m just happy to have this moment caught on film.
photobooth 1photobooth 2
We’re proudly displaying this photo strip on our fridge at the moment. I need to find a nice frame for it though, and add it to our gallery wall!
Of course, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to show off my engagement ring! Stephen did a great job of picking it out; it suits my tastes perfectly. He’d be proud to point out that it’s an authentic Canadian diamond!
Now, for the big question! When’s the wedding day? Glad you asked, because it’s coming up in only 89 days…we’re getting married on August 31st! We’re already deep into wedding planning, so I’ve got lots to catch you lovely readers up on.
It feels good to be back.
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