Monday, June 10, 2013

Iced Coffee is My Fave!

I didn’t intend to only write one post last week after my return to blogging, but it’s been kind of hectic around here lately. In true Angela fashion, I can’t do anything the easy way. When I decide to return to blogging, it needs to be less than 83 days out from our wedding, and in the midst of a bunch of family coming to visit. We’ve got Stephen’s Dad here now. He’ll leave Friday morning, then Stephen’s Mom will come into Calgary on Friday afternoon. All of this, while my Grandma is visiting from Ontario! At least she’s staying with my parents.
Before I get into blogging about the wedding, I want to talk about BzzAgent for a little bit. My return to blogging just happened to coincide with me signing up for BzzAgent, and it wasn’t intentional at all. You have to know that I was given some free products to try out, but I’m only ever going to blog about a product I truly love.

I first heard about International Delight Iced Coffee quite a few months ago, but at that time, it wasn’t available in Canada. You see, I’ve been in love with International Delight creamers for quite some time, and to learn that they were making iced coffee was rather exciting for me. When I signed up for BzzAgent and was chosen to finally try some ID iced coffee, I was only just a wee bit excited! I immediately headed to Walmart and got the Caramel Macchiato flavoured coffee. So glad that I started off with that one!
Ha, excuse the cheesy picture, but I was excited! I had just gotten home from work; it was a hot day and we had been outside for several hours playing. Coming home and pouring myself a large tumbler-full of iced coffee was the perfect treat. Since then, I’ve also tried the Mocha flavoured iced coffee (so good!), but I have yet to try vanilla. Don’t worry, it’s on my list of things to do really soon.
I’ve talked nonstop about this International Delight Iced Coffee to my family and friends lately. Everyone who has tried it has loved it as much as I have. I’m thinking that I’ll need to purchase a few cartons for my bridal shower this coming Saturday…after all, my bridal shower is coffee themed!
Best part about ID iced coffee? It’s convenient (your pour it and drink it, no need to worry about brewing/flavouring/sweetening it) and it’s affordable. Now that’s my kind of coffee.
Have you tried International Delight iced coffee yet? If so, what’s your favourite flavour?

Monday, June 3, 2013

355 Days

That’s how long it’s been since I last blogged. Nearly a whole year has gone by without a post! At first, I didn’t miss it. I enjoyed the freedom of no longer coming up with new and original content for this blog. As time passed though, I slowly started to miss it. I missed the little online community that I had created here. I also missed the creative outlet. Last week, I decided to just go ahead and start blogging again. I have no idea if anyone will come by and read my posts, but I’m going to start writing again and hope for the best!
A lot of things have happened in the past year, but I’m going to talk about the most exciting thing…I got engaged in February! After nearly 5 years of dating, Stephen proposed! I do have to point out (for those of you who may be wondering) that it wasn’t a Valentine’s Day proposal (Stephen isn’t cheesy like that). It was, however, a birthday proposal (Stephen is cheesy like that), and it was perfect.
Stephen took me out for a date night, to a movie theatre we don’t often go to because of how far it was from us. He let me pick the movie, which ended up being nowhere near as funny as the commercials led us to believe. As we were leaving the theatre, he dragged me into the photo booth located nearby. I’ve dragged him into many photo booths throughout our relationship, so this wasn’t anything new to me. As I sat on his knee, I concerned myself with how we were going to pose. Little did I know, at that time, he was busy pulling a ring out of his pocket. As the camera started snapping pictures, Stephen started his proposal. Here’s one thing that you need to know first- Stephen told me before we started dating that he liked to buy his girlfriends jewellery. Well, in the nearly 5 years we had been together, he had never bought me a single piece of jewellery! This was something that I never let him live down, I loved bugging him about that whenever I got the chance! Anyway, he started off the proposal by telling me that he wanted the first piece of jewellery he ever bought me to be the most important one of all. *sigh* So incredibly cheesy, but just the way I like it.
It was such a perfect moment; quiet and intimate, and we’ve got pictures of the whole thing. Typical girl warning: I’m not very photogenic when I’m caught off guard, so I’m making some funny faces in these pictures. I’ve decided that I just don’t care though, I’m just happy to have this moment caught on film.
photobooth 1photobooth 2
We’re proudly displaying this photo strip on our fridge at the moment. I need to find a nice frame for it though, and add it to our gallery wall!
Of course, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to show off my engagement ring! Stephen did a great job of picking it out; it suits my tastes perfectly. He’d be proud to point out that it’s an authentic Canadian diamond!
Now, for the big question! When’s the wedding day? Glad you asked, because it’s coming up in only 89 days…we’re getting married on August 31st! We’re already deep into wedding planning, so I’ve got lots to catch you lovely readers up on.
It feels good to be back.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Forever and a Day

Hi. It’s been forever and a day, hasn’t it? I fell into a major blogging rut, which sort of carried over into a creativity rut. Not only have I not been blogging, but I also haven’t been crafting or baking. Ok, I still bake occasionally, just not as much as I used to. When I think about this creative rut, it saddens me. I love doing all of those things, so what’s stopping me from doing them? Who knows. I do want to get back into it all though. I miss all of those creative outlets in my life. Enough of this though. Let’s catch you up on what’s been going on lately, shall we?
My sister is getting married in less than a month. I can’t believe that July is sneaking up on me like it is. In May, I hosted her bridal shower, and then earlier this month, I hosted her Bachelorette Party. Both were successful, thankfully!
TP BridesToilet Paper Brides
CupcakesBridal shower cupcakes
Suck for a buckBachelorette party silliness
Work has kept me busy, but has been good. I finished working with my Friday boys. I can’t even tell you how sad I was to leave them, but it was in my best interests. They sent me off feeling very loved though, dropping by with mini cupcakes, roses and some homemade cards.
I’m now down to working 5 days a week with one family. Well, I do still have my nanny share going on, which means another family drops off their little boy several times a month. I’ve been switched over to salary, which means I now get plenty of paid vacation. We’ve been keeping busy with crafts and trips to the park and zoo. Never a dull moment around here.
PeacockWe got up close and personal with this guy
Rainy day fun
As for my down time, well, I’ve been trying to fill it up with things to do as well. We’ve been cat sitting for my old nanny family for over two months now. They’ve been trying to sell their house, and don’t want a cat to deter potential buyers. Casey is adorable, so I don’t mind. Stephen and I have been trying to get out for more walks now that the weather has warmed up. I love exploring our community; it seems like we live in such a good one. There was even a quick day trip to the mountains recently.
Oh, and I’ve taught myself how to crochet. I’m working on a baby blanket for my aunt and uncle, who are due in October.
Casey Cat
Mountains just outside of Banff
Pink flowersPink flowers and gray skies
I’m hoping that by writing this post, I’ll be inspired to blog more. Keep checking back, I promise that I’m not ready yet to abandon this blog forever.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Who is your favorite talk show host?
Ever since I started my current job, I watch a lot of day time TV (during nap time), which means there's not a whole lot on. I've started watching more talk shows, and Anderson is a close second to Ellen.

2. How do you style your hair on a daily basis?
I flat iron my hair (my hair is unruly), then stick it in a ponytail. I am wearing braided pigtails today though, because I was too lazy to flat iron my hair.

3. If you were stuck in your bedroom for a week, what would you need in order to not go crazy?
My laptop, cell phone, books and food. I've already got a TV in there, and we have an ensuite bathroom with shower.

4. What are the best non-reality shows on television?
Game of Thrones is my current favorites

5. Do you mow your own lawn and clean your own house?
I clean my own house, but neither of us mow our lawn. We live in a townhouse complex, so all lawn care is taken care of by someone else. Such a relief!

6. As an adult, what is the best part of summer?
More daylight, warmer weather, barbecue and yummy fruit.

7. If you could ask one celebrity one question, who and what would you ask?
I'd ask Jake Gyllenhaal if he'd like to make out, or something.

8. Post a picture.
We're cat sitting for my Friday Family while they try to sell their house. This is Casey. Isn't she cute?

9. How many books do you read a year?
I've never kept track, but I'd estimate a dozen or so.

10. Which national chain makes the best delivery pizza?
We usually just order from wherever is closest to us. It was Panago at the last place, but now we order from Pizza 73.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. What TV commercial do you think is the most annoying?
The one with the squealing pig racing down the hill next to a guy. I have no idea what it's for (Geico?), but it's super annoying.

2. What is the weirdest gift you have ever received?
I once received a coat hanger. Ok, so it was actually just a gag gift!

3. What is a song you thought you knew the words and then later found out you were wrong?
Pretty much every song I've ever listened to. I'm awful for just making up my own words to songs.

4. What are you most looking forward to this month?
My sister's bridal shower next weekend!

5. What is your favorite kitchen appliance? Explain.
I was going to say my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, but I think I'm actually going to go with my dishwasher. I hate washing dishes by hand, so that thing is a lifesaver!

6. If you could have a gift card to anywhere right now, where would you choose? Why?
The place where we want to order our sectional from. I can't remember the name, but it's an online furniture warehouse.

7. What are your favorite pizza toppings?
Feta, spinach and basically any other veggie. Oh! I've actually been on a real big BBQ chicken kick lately.

8. Name something you’re thankful for aside from obvious answers (i.e. family, job, faith, etc.).
My Nespresso. I adore that thing so dang much.

9. What was your least favorite rule growing up?
I don't remember any rules that I hated. I guess my parents weren't all that strict.

10. If you could train your pet to do one thing, what would it be? Example, “Weego” from the Bud Light commercial:
I don't have a pet.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

4 Years and Counting

At the end of March, Stephen and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. I’m amazed that so much time has gone by, yet it feels like it was just yesterday that we had met. We didn’t have anything particularly special planned to celebrate, just dinner and a movie. I should have known better though, because this year, Stephen has been on a roll with getting me awesome gifts. I’ve been downright spoiled!

Stephen likes to watch me look at Pinterest every so often. Normally, it’s so he can insist that I need to make every delicious looking recipe that I come across, but sometimes, he’ll point out a cool project. It all started with this project that I pinned:

Pinterest{Project via Our Fifth House}

Since Stephen and I have moved around a lot since we first moved in together, we both agreed that it was a neat idea, so I pinned it with the intention of making it someday.

In the weeks leading up to our anniversary, Stephen alluded to the fact that he had an awesome gift planned out for me. I could hardly wait to find out what it was, but I tried to push it out of my mind so that I wouldn’t go crazy. When Stephen got home from work, he presented me with my gift. He had gone downtown one day to take pictures of the first two places that we lived, then put it all together for me.

March 28 1116 Pt2

March 28 1111

We decided to hang the frames up by the front door, so that when friends and family come to visit, they can reminisce with us about our old places. I blocked out our current address in the first photo, by the way.

What I love about Stephen’s version of the project, is that he stuck pictures of us from the time we lived in each of those places.

March 28 1112

This was back in the first place, which I only lived in for roughly 6 months. Stephen had a roommate, and we knew that we wanted to live on our own. The apartment wasn’t fantastic, but it was my first time living away from home, so I have fond memories of it.

March 28 1113

This is from the condo. We both loved that place, but quickly realized that it was just much too small for us. That, and it got so unbelievably hot in there, that we didn’t turn on the heat until it hit –10C outside.

March 28 1114

The last place, which I have mixed feelings about. It was our biggest place so far (at the time), so I loved that about it. I also loved that we finally had laundry in our own house, and we had a large kitchen. That was about it. We didn’t intend to move from there after only 1 year, but our landlord decided he wanted to renovate and charge more for the place.

March 28 1115 Pt2

Our current, and most favorite place. It’s the biggest, and the nicest. We don’t plan on moving from here for a long time, so keep your fingers crossed that no one has other plans for us.

I’m a ridiculously sentimental person, so this was the perfect gift for me. It didn’t cost a lot to make, but to me, it means more than an expensive gift. I’m excited to see how the pictures will change in the years to come. (Hopefully we only have one or two more frames to fill!) Stephen sure knows the way to my heart.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Would you rather give up pedicures or flat/curling irons?Pedicures, because I've never actually had one. Crazy, I know. 

2. Does your middle name have a family meaning?Technically, no. My middle name is after the family friend that was supposed to be my God Mother. She passed away just before I was born though. I'd say that she was family though. 

3. Do you like to sneeze?I'm indifferent to sneezing. Never really thought about the fact that some people may enjoy it!

4. Do you think kids should need to learn cursive?It didn't kill me to learn cursive, so I say why not?

5. When you go to the beach for the day, what do you take?I don't ever get to go to the beach for the day (no beaches around here), but I assume I would take a towel, swimsuit, sunscreen, a chair, food and reading material. 

6. Which decade had the best music?The 90's, clearly. 

7. Are you a good hand-shaker?I'd say that I am. I can't stand the limp handshake that a lot of women seem to do, I'd rather not shake hands with a limp fish, thank you very much! 
8. Do you have a go-to meal for when you are at a restaurant and you can’t decide?Some sort of pasta dish, usually tortellini. 

9. Do you have slippers?Yes. I get over heated quite easily if my feet are hot though, so I don't wear them often. I'd love to find a cooler pair then the giant purple ones I own. (Cooler in both senses, ha!)

10. Are you easily grossed out?
Most times, yeah. Then again, I am a nanny, and when I'm at work, I'm the only one there to deal with the gross issues, so I just suck it up and do it. I've got a few gross stories that people groan about when I try to tell them. So...maybe I'm not actually that easily grossed out. 
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