Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Craving Fab Pastries

pastry A couple of weeks ago, I found myself with some extra time before an evening babysitting job. I decided to treat myself to a white chocolate mocha and some time in a book store. I did what I always do, I headed straight for the cookbooks. This time, I found myself drawn to pastries. In every book I opened, I flipped through looking for croissants, pain au chocolat, tarts; anything to satisfy my sudden need for pastry. It was then that I decided to stop procrastinating and start tackling pastries. I tweeted about it, saying that I was finally going to make some sort of pastry this summer. That’s when Margarita (over at Fab Brunette) started getting interested. She wanted to know what I was planning on making because she was also interested making pastries. It was then that she suggested that we work together, and turn into a feature on our blogs. That’s when Craving Fab Pastries was born.

Every month, we’re hoping that some of you will join in on our pastry challenge. We’ll decide on a recipe and post it on the first of the month. You’ll have until the end of the month to bake it, and blog about it. You’ll then head over to Fab Brunette, where you can link up and see the other final products.

Challenge #1:
French Tart Dough

For our first challenge, we’ll be recreating a recipe for French Tart Dough, found here on David Lebovitz’s blog. Fill it any way you like, with chocolate or fruit, it’ll be fun to see how everyone interprets this.

You’ll have until June 30th to post your results, and then head over to Fab Brunette to share your link. If you head over there now, you can grab a button to show that your participating! Please leave me a comment here so that I know you’ll be joining us!

Good luck!

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