Monday, June 14, 2010

One Of Those Days


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Every so often, I get in such a bad mood for no apparent reason, and Saturday was one of those days. Maybe it’s because I worked long hours all week. Maybe it’s because it was gray and dreary, and then suddenly it was bright and sunny...and I had no plans to go out and enjoy that sunshine. The logical thing to do would have been to go out and enjoy it anyway, but I was in no mood to be alone. Maybe it was because after having Stephen home every night the week before, he was back to working night shifts, leaving me alone at night. Whatever the reason, I was just grumpy.

When I get in these moods, I annoy everyone around me. I even annoy myself. It can be hard to snap out of these moods, but I was determined to stop being so grumpy. First thing I did was get in the shower. sometimes all it takes to lighten my mood a bit is a nice long shower to wash everything away. I was instantly feeling a bit better. Then, I made plans with a friend. It’s for this coming weekend (we’re going to bake pies!), but just knowing that I had that to look forward to made me smile. Then it was on to cleaning the apartment. I got lazy last week and let a lot of things slide, so cleaning was actually therapeutic. (Who am I?!) I managed to squeeze in an unexpected web cam date with my sister. Seeing her three puppies were definitely the way to cheer me up. Lily and Jaybo have grown so much since I’ saw them last! I loved the way they were come running to the computer when I called their names. Since it was starting to get late, I settled in to catch up on the season finale of Glee. Glee always makes me smile.

I made sure not to let this bad mood follow me into Sunday; I woke up semi-early and had my morning coffee on my balcony, while reading blogs. Instead of procrastinating, I went and ran some errands. Occasionally, I’m struck by how much I love that downtown Calgary is so sleepy on a Sunday before noon. I loved walking down Stephen Avenue, amongst the small early lunch crowd. The plans for the rest of the afternoon included some baking, blog writing and movie watching. I think it’s safe to say that I tackled my bad mood head on and kicked it to the curb.

How do you get over a bad mood?

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