Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday After a hiatus last week, we’re back with another round of questions.

1. What does your car say about you? If you don’t have a car, what kind of car would be your daily driver?
I don’t have a car, and to be honest, I can’t picture what kind of car I’d drive. I’m probably going to end up getting some sort of Mom type car, because by the time I get around to buying one, I’ll be thinking about future babies.

2. To this point, what has been your purpose on this planet?
I honestly don’t even know. Do any of us actually know what our purpose is? I suppose my purpose is to be happy and healthy. Fall in love. Spread joy.

3. If you could trade places with any person for any amount of time, who would it be?
I’d love to trade places with a successful pastry chef. I’d kill to know what it would be like to have that much creativity and talent in you!

4. What is your favorite kind of cake? If you don’t like cake, what is it about it that you don’t like?
Cheesecake, of any kind. YUM.

5. Would you have wanted to live in your parents’, grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ generation or only your own?
I think I’m pretty happy in my generation. I wouldn’t mind visiting my great grandparents’ generation though.

6. Do you have any home remedies for illnesses, cleaning or otherwise?
I haven’t found anything that works yet. I’ll get back to you on that one.
Oh, except vinegar is great for cleaning, but that’s not exactly revolutionary.

7. What is your ideal weather situation?
Sunny and warm! Preferably around 20-25C.

8. What is your best attribute (physical or personal)?
I'm having a really hard time coming up with an answer on my own, so I asked Stephen. He says my best attribute is that I’m very caring and trustworthy. I’ll accept that.

9. Do you text or surf while driving?

10. How long have you known your best friend?
We met in high school (7 years ago), but became best friends afterward, so about 4 years ago.

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