Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday


1. What would the title of your autobiography be?
Probably the same as my blog title: Craving Cupcakes.
Poetic, I know.

2. What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard a child say or seen him/her do?
I have a series of blog posts dedicated to the funny things that kids say, you can find it here.

3. What is your favorite kids game to play?
I love playing hide and seek after dark, so much fun!

4. If you got invited to a potluck BBQ tomorrow, what would you bring?
You know that I would bake something, probably cookies and/or a cake.

5. If your ears are pierced, how old were you when you got your ears pierced?
I had them pierced when I was baby, and then I believe they got infected and my mom took the earrings out and let it grow over. I got them re-pierced when I was around 12 years old.

6. If you were celebrating your 30th anniversary, where would you want to go?
I’d love to plan a big vacation for Stephen and I…maybe a cruise somewhere tropical, or go to Europe.

7. What one blogger would you love to meet and why? And what would you want to plan to do with them?
While there are a bunch that I’d seriously love to meet, I’d have to pick Andi from Fuegita Bonita. We’ve been blogging friends for 6 years now, and need to hurry up and meet already! We have all sorts of things planned, from parties to baking together. It will be awesome when we finally meet!

Side note: I’ve actually already met a blogger, but never blogged about it. I discovered a few months ago that Leah from Five Blondes lives in my apartment building, and invited her over to decorate cupcakes with some friends and I.

8. On a scale from 1-10, how good at you at home decor? (Pictures welcome.)
I’d say that I’m probably about a 7. I still have a lot to learn, and having some extra cash would help out a bit. I know that people can decorate beautifully on a budget, but my budget is literally $0. I have to make do with what I had before I left my parent’s house. I have a photo album on facebook that gives a tour of my condo after I moved in, let me know if you want to see it, and we can become friends.

9. Do you have good fingernails?
No. I’m trying desperately to break my habit of biting my fingernails, and it’s a slow process. As soon as I get nervous about something, all bets are off. I can’t paint my fingernails because I chip them within the first day, and I can’t stand having chipped nail polish on my fingernails.

10. Pickles: Dill or sweet? Baby, spears, or chips? Plain or on a burger?
I’m not a big fan of pickles. I like sweet pickles on their own, and rarely crave a plain Dill Pickle. I’d prefer my burger to be without.

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