Friday, June 25, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 6)

7 quick takes

1. Guess who got a camera? That’s right, this girl did! Stephen and I were out shopping yesterday, and while I was off getting some stuff done, he chatted with some sales associates. They both highly recommended our final choice, and I just went along with it…I honestly didn’t have much of an opinion on a camera. We chose the Panasonic Lumix FH20. It’s my starting out camera, once I get to know how to properly use a camera and we have some more money, we’re going to upgrade. You’ll have to bear with me while I get the hang of it.

2. We finished all of our shopping for the wedding next week. It’s been so long since Stephen and I have gone out anywhere that requires dressing up that we had to go out and get new outfits. I’m looking forward to finally having a chance to go out and have some fun! Stephen briefly considered getting suit pants that had a stretchy waist “because they’re better for drinking!” I laughed at him, and was glad when he wasn’t serious.

3. This weekend we’re celebrating Father’s Day. I realize that we’re a week late, but we wanted to be able to do it on a day that everyone could get together. We’ll be going bowling, and then have a backyard BBQ.

4. Stephen’s brother and his girlfriend are expecting a baby due next month. They’ll be heading to Alberta in early August (Edmonton to visit grandparents, Calgary to visit us), so Sharon and I have been planning some stuff to do while they are here. Our list is so jam packed that I think they really should just move here! I hope that we become sister in-laws some day.

5. I’ve been craving iced coffee all week, but I haven’t actually treated myself to some yet. I’m out of coffee at home, so I can’t make my own. I need to get to the grocery store as soon as possible. Or get myself to the nearest Starbucks.

6. Speaking of coffee, I heard about a place in Calgary that serves a Nutella Latte. I’m obsessed with getting one, so I may just have to call up a friend to come join me sometime soon. It’ll help me cross off one of the items on my summer list!

7. I can’t really think of a seventh thought, so I’ll just ask you a question instead: What’s your favorite thing to eat at a BBQ? I’m in charge of desserts, so I’m trying to think of what to bake.
I love eating chicken smothered in BBQ sauce, grilled corn on the cob and lots of watermelon!

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