Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Bakeware I Can’t Live Without

Baking With Angela

I’ve been baking a lot of repeat favorites lately, and I’ve even thrown in a failure or two. Fluffernutter cookies sounded fabulous when I first read about them, but were a giant fail whale. I did bake some yummy white chocolate macadamia nut cookies last week, and really truly wanted to post the recipe, but couldn’t bring myself to do it because I never got good pictures of the final product. The recipe will sit in my drafts folder until I’m able to bake them again. I’m now left without a new recipe to post today. I feel like I’d be lame sauce for bailing and leaving you without anything, so I’m going to talk about my favorite baking items. Perhaps this is cheating, but who doesn’t love looking at pretty bakeware? (Please don’t leave me mean comments if you don’t actually like it!)

Here’s a list of the things I couldn’t live without:

SilicupsMy Silicups from Williams-Sonoma. Yes, at $24 for 12, they are expensive. Mine were a gift. They’re sturdy, and muffins/cupcakes slide out of them without so much as a crumb. I’ve used cheaper silicups, but nothing so far that has compared to these guys. They’re also pretty. Who wouldn’t love that? (Find them here.)

cookie sheet loaf pan
muffin pan2 My cookie sheet, loaf pan and muffin pan. They’re all from the Williams-Sonoma Non-Stick Goldtouch Bakeware collection and are freaking amazing. Nothing sticks to these are just lovely. Again, they’re a bit pricey, and yes, these were gifts as well. I have a ridiculously loving boyfriend who decided that our first Christmas together meant that I should own a proper bakeware collection. (Best Christmas ever. I may have squealed with joy every time I opened a gift from him.) Anyway, because they’re pricey, I only own one of each, although ideally, I would own at least two cookie sheets, 3-4 loaf pans and two muffin pans. I’ve supplemented my collection with more affordable options.
(Cookie sheet here, loaf pan here and muffin pan here)

mixing bowls
mixing cups

I love these because they’re colorful. They’re also sturdy and I use them for everything. (Mixing bowls here. Measuring spoons and cups here.)

silpatMy pink silicone mat, that I lovingly refer to as a Silpat. Mine is similar to this, but is just a cheaper breast cancer awareness version that I picked up at Safeway. I stick it on my older (inherited from Stephen’s brother) cookie sheet. It’s pretty fantastic.

A few other things I can’t live without: My Kitchenaid stand mixer, wooden spoons, spatulas, small nesting bowls, fancy cupcake liners, sprinkles, food coloring, piping bags, and some pretty ribbons to tie up my baked goods to give away.

Are there any kitchen items that you can’t live without?

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