Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Craving Fab Pastries Challenge #1: Results


I can’t believe a whole month has already passed by. They always go too quickly, don’t they? I’m really looking forward to seeing if any of my blog friends decided to participate in this month’s challenge and see what they created. Head over to Fab Brunette to link up and see what everyone else did. Come back here tomorrow, which is when I’ll be announcing what July’s challenge will be!

This is the part where I admit that I was a little bit intimidated and a lot excited. This David Lebovitz recipe seemed like the perfect way to ease into the whole pastry making business, and for my first go, I’m definitely marking this off as a success.

Father's Day 066  Father's Day 070

Ingredients were measured out by weight, so I was incredibly thankful for my scale. It’s an old restaurant scale that our old roommate brought home and let us adopt when we parted ways.

Father's Day 073

I don’t own a tart pan. I looked everywhere for one, but the only one I found was out of my price range. If I was going to fork over big bucks, I would have headed over to Williams-Sonoma. I resorted to using pie plates, I made two because I brought them to our Father’s Day celebration.
Father's Day 165 

I really wanted to make a summer fruit tart with some sort of cream or custard filling, but no one else seemed to like that idea. Since baking an entire tart for myself is little bit much, I decided to cave and give the people what they wanted. Banana Cream Pie filling. I used this recipe that I found on Tasty Kitchen, and everyone told me that they loved it. For the record, I loved it too.
Father's Day 166

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