Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I’ve Got A Confession To Make…

I like reading bad chick lit. There, I said it.

I realize that this isn’t exactly revolutionary, but I feel like it’s a secret that I’ve been harboring away from the world. Whenever I’m checking out library books, I be sure to use the self checkout because I don’t want people judging me based on the books that I read. If I’m at the bookstore, well, I just try and and pay for my purchases as quickly as possible. It’s silly really, but I can’t help it. Chick lit happens to be a perfect escape from reality, with no thinking involved. It’s normally light and easy to read, and I don’t get too emotionally invested.

The reason this has been on my mind is a week or two ago, Stephen and I stopped by a used bookstore that’s down the street from us. They had books out front that were 4 for $10, which is a fantastic price, especially for hardcover books. I immediately grabbed these two books:

abortionistsdaughter thetaking

I had a really hard time picking out my other two books though. I picked through the bin several times, and by then, Stephen had wandered off into the store. I decided to just go ahead and grab some chick lit. The only books in the bin that sounded remotely interesting were these two:

bestfriendsforever the-debutante-divorcee

I peaked inside the covers to see how much they retail for normally; $29.99 and $32.95, respectively. There’s no way I’d ever pay that much for silly books like this. I have to apologize to authors, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pay so much for a book that I’ll probably devour in less than a week. And that’s if I only read during my commute to work. If I actually sat down to read these at home? I’d be done in an afternoon. I probably won’t even remember what these books are about in a few months time, but that’s just what I’m looking for after a long day at work. I need something to distract me, but nothing too intense.
Kind of like the way that I love watching reality shows, but that’s another post for another day…

Do you like reading chick lit? What are your favorite chick lit books?
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