Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things: Part 3

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J: How much does a house weigh?
Me: Maybe a million pounds?
J: No, 800. That’s how much money I have.

J: I saw my lungs before.
Me: How?
J: I opened my mouth, looked in the mirror and looked down my throat.

J: (standing at the top of the stairs) Look Ang! I’m taller than you. I’m taller than God even.
Me: Wow buddy, you are so tall!
J: How tall is God?
Me: I’m not sure, I’ve never seen him. How tall do you think he is?
J: As tall as a bird.
Me: (thinking that he’s referring to the height at which a bird flies) Maybe, that’s a good guess.
J: No, he’s tall as an ant.
Me: That’s tiny though!
J: Well you can’t see him, so he must be invisible.

J: If I was a bird, I’d fly up to heaven and see what God looks like. Or if I was a bug.

J: I know where God lives.
Me: Where?
J: (pointing) In that cloud.
Me: Really? What does he look like?
J: Whitish, like an arrow.
Me: Um, what?
J: Yeah, like an arrow.

All of the best conversations between J and I seem to be about God. He seems so intrigued by the fact that God is a real person that we can’t see, so he’s always trying to prove to me that he’s seen God before, but then minutes later, he’ll ask me endless questions about what God looks like. It’s super cute.

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