Monday, May 31, 2010

Blogging Through My School Years: Grade 4

You can find my previous years here.

The summer before grade 4, I started getting pretty nervous. You see, this is the year that we were starting Sex Ed., and I was hearing all sorts of horror stories from friends, who had heard things from their older sisters. These horror stories included things like: “They teach you how to put in a tampon!” My friends and I honestly thought that during class, we were all going to be lead into the bathroom to learn how to put one in. See how that can get a little scary for a kid? The truth of it was, during class, the boys and the girls were split up to try and save the teachers from some awkward moments/funny business. The girls in my class were paired with some girls in another class who had a female teacher, who was pretty much the best ever because she gave us Lego candy at the end of each class. It wasn’t so bad after all!

Grade 4 was the year we started taking French classes and thus, the year my passion for all things French was born. It turned out that I was natural at it, French was one of my easiest classes, all the way until the end of my schooling career. (I continued it past the required years, and finished French 30 while I was in Grade 11.) At the end of the school year, during the final assembly, I even won a French medal. It was my one and only medal (I never played sports), and I still have it tucked away in a box.

Grade 4 happened to coincide with the year of the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial. Since I was still rather young, I didn’t necessarily know what was going on with it, but the teachers at our school seemed to be following it rather closely. I remember several announcements being made about certain milestones in the trial.

The fourth grade was rather carefree, school work came easily to me so I never had problems with my home work, and I had a good core group of friends, many of whom I’ve reconnected with over Facebook!

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