Friday, May 28, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 3)

7 quick takes

1. Due to a mix up, I ended up working 4 hours longer last night than I thought I was supposed to. It was an insanely stressful work day already (I may have cried), then add to that the fact that I worked 12 hours straight and then top it off with snow. Yeah, you read that right; SNOW. It’s freaking snowing again. It’s right around zero degrees, so you know I froze at the bus stop.

2. All this week, I’ve been getting into my pajamas and crawling into bed around 8pm, and then watching a few shows before drifting off to sleep. It has been so decadent and lovely. Obviously, I didn’t do that last night, since I didn’t even get home until after 8pm.

3. Monday was Victoria Day, which means it was a long weekend. After getting grocery shopping out of the way, Stephen and I went to help my parents move a TV. Their friend sold them her old TV, so we had to get it down the street to my parent’s place. We had someone with a truck come by, but apparently they had some sort of a cover on the back, so the TV couldn’t fit (it’s huge). Our only option? Rolling it down the street. Luckily the TV is attached to a stand with wheels, so my Dad walked in front with a broom to sweep away rocks, and the rest of us pushed the TV down the hill. Thankfully they live only a block apart!

May27 003

{Daniel and Stephen}
May27 008
{My Dad, sweeping}
May27 007
{Almost there!}

4. I had grand plans for baking this weekend, but then I realized both of my freezers are full. I can’t bake everything that I wanted to, otherwise I’ll eat it all and my hips won’t appreciate that.

5. Conversation between Stephen and Monday night:

Me: You work closing shifts this week, right?
Stephen: Yeah. I guess that means I’ll see you Thursday. You have Thursday off, right?
Me: Probably not. I guess I’ll see you Saturday.
Stephen: Saturday it is.
(This is how it is every week for us.)

6. The 7 year old girl I nanny is learning how to use email at school. I gave her my email address, so now I come home to love notes in my inbox. It’s pretty much amazing.

7. Disqus has been giving me a lot of grief lately. Not loading comments, not emailing me when I have a new comment, giving me error messages when I reply to comments. Has it been giving you guys grief as well?

Have a good weekend, hopefully it’s nice and sunny where you are!

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