Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Dream Home

Earlier this week, Fab Brunette made a post about her dream home. I haven’t been able to get her post out of my head since then. My dream home is something I think about often; living in an apartment that isn’t quite perfect leaves you dreaming about what your forever home will be like. I read a lot of design/decorating blogs, so this concept is always near the front of my mind. Here’s a glimpse at some of the things I’d like in my dream home:

Dream Kitchen{via}

With a cook and a baker, you know our kitchen is going to be killer. I’d like two ovens please, plenty of cupboards/pantry space and an island with plenty of room to roll out pie crusts and cookie dough. This room is going to be our pride and joy, with most of our time and money spent to make it perfect for us.

Dream Bathroom{via}

I long for a light and airy bathroom. I want this to be my sanctuary, with plush towels never far from my reach. There will also have to be a vanity, I’ve always dreamed of having one.

Craft Room {via}

I’m getting a craft room as soon as move into a house with more than one bedroom. My biggest problem with crafting now is that all of my supplies are stored in various locations throughout the apartment, and dragging them all out is quite the process. I can’t add anything else to my collection either, there’s just no room. My craft room, while practical and full of storage (like above), will also be decorated so differently from the rest of my house; it will be whimsical and full of all the things I love.

Laundry Room{via}

Living in an apartment has made me miss the practicality of a laundry room. I don’t know many people my age who dream of washers/dryers and places to store my laundry detergent (other than in my front closet).

Veg Garden{via}

Not only will my backyard be big enough to hold a large deck, a fire pit and possibly even a pool (or at least a pond), it will have to be spacious enough for me to have a good sized vegetable garden. Seriously, what other 24 year old dreams of walking into her backyard to pick fresh vegetables/herbs to eat with her dinner? None of my friends do, that’s for sure.

There’s so many other things that I haven’t mentioned that would complete my dream home: a large master bedroom, a media room, large living room, dining room, mud room…and so much more. I think we’re going to have to build our home.

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