Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

 #30 at Roots and Rings

1. What was your high school superlative (if you didn’t have one- what would it have been)?
My high school never did these, but I suppose mine would have been something along the lines of Most Dependable.

2. What sports did you play in high school? 
I didn’t play any sports. I was more of a band geek.

3.  What was the best part about your wedding (if you’re not married yet, what are you looking forward to)?
I’m one of those girls who has been planning her wedding since she was a little kid. I’m always telling Stephen what our wedding is going to be like, and luckily I haven’t scared him off yet. I’m most excited to just get everyone I love together and have a big ole party. And a photo booth. You can’t forget the photo booth.

4. It’s your last meal– what Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Entree and Dessert would you choose?
Appetizer: Something with brie cheese.
Soup: A good homemade chunky chicken noodle soup.
Entree: Perogies and home fries.
Dessert: Coffee, chocolate, cheesecake, ice cream and cupcakes. It’s my last meal, I’m allowed to eat all of that.

5.  What song is your guilty pleasure?
Anything by Britney Spears.

6.  What is your favorite professional sports team, and why do you like them?
I’m not into sports at all. I don’t mind going to hockey games, and I actually have been to several lacrosse games, but I’m not serious enough to have a favorite team.

7.  What is your favorite reality show and why do you like it?
I’m a reality show junkie. I suppose my favorite of the moment is any of the Real Housewives shows (even though I’m not caught up at all), mostly because they’re so ridiculous that you can’t help but love it.

8. How would you classify your home decorating style (modern, classic, French country)?
I really wouldn’t know how to classify it; I have a lot of black and white and Paris related items. We’ve got more of a city theme going on I suppose?

9. Pizza- deep dish or thin crust? White sauce or red sauce? What toppings? 
Thing crust, red sauce, and lots of veggies, minus the olives.

10.  Favorite weekend getaway within a two hour driving radius?
Lately it’s been to Vulcan to visit my sister, but if I got to choose, I would much rather go to the mountains. Banff or Lake Louise are always a good bet.

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