Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stop & Smile

Sometimes we need a reminder to enjoy the little things in life. I know that lately, I’ve been needing to remind myself of that more than ever, so I decided to start a new feature here on Saturdays. It’ll just be a short post, and will contain something that made me smile during the week. It could be a picture I’ve taken, a song, a quote…really, it could be anything. This is more to remind me to stop and smile, but I wanted to be able to share that with my blog friends as well.

May 14 055

May 14 056

Stephen and I both had Thursday off, and it was a warm sunny day, so we took our piggies to the park. I loved laying in the grass, watching Piglet and Tigger chasing each other around (they played a lot of follow the leader). I loved watching the kids playing at the park, and the couple playing fetch with their golden retriever. It was such a perfect hour in the grass.

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