Monday, May 17, 2010

Body Worlds & The Brain at the Science Centre

A few years ago, while my parents were visiting family in Toronto, my parents got the chance to attend the Body Worlds Exhibit at the Ontario Science Centre. My Dad absolutely loved it, and talked about it non-stop when he got home. A few months ago, I was reading the paper and saw an advertisement; the Body Worlds exhibit was coming to Calgary! I called my Dad up right away and told him not to make plans to go with anyone else, Stephen and I were going to take him as a Father’s Day gift. We were supposed to go last weekend, but due to an error on my part, we didn’t make it. We did get the chance to go today, although Stephen wasn’t able to make it. My sister and her boyfriend made the trip to Calgary (from Vulcan), and my Mom came along with us (Calgary sister was working).

Body Worlds Exhibit 017

Body Worlds & The Brain is our chance to get an look into the human body and to get a clear view of our anatomies. I was a bit apprehensive at first- we’re getting clear views of what lays beneath our skin, and real bodies are used, so I was afraid that I would be grossed out by the experience. It turned out to be the complete opposite, I was completely enthralled with the amazing preservation of these bodies. How often are we able to see a whole woman, with her belly cut open to see her unborn baby inside? (Trust me, it’s not as gross or as distasteful as it sounds). My Dad was like our unofficial tour guide; he’s a Licensed Practical Nurse, so he’s full of information about our bodies. While the exhibit was amazing, I was left wanting more. Our Science Centre is a bit on the small side, so a lot of the bodies and animals that my parents had talked about were left out. If this exhibit ever finds it’s way back to Calgary when our new (and bigger!) Science Centre is built and open, you can bet I’ll be making my way back!

Body Worlds Exhibit 018

Spinal Column

Body Worlds Exhibit 021

Healthy Lung, Smoker’s Lung, Coal Miner’s Lung

Body Worlds Exhibit 022

Camel, split into sections to show various views of the inside

Body Worlds Exhibit 025

Unborn baby, 28th Week

Body Worlds Exhibit 026

A male and female couple, figure skating

(Side note: Cameras weren’t allowed, so all of these pictures were taken secretly!)

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