Monday, May 3, 2010

A Vulcan Kind of Weekend

Tracy and her boyfriend moved into a new house over the weekend, so my parents, Jessica and I all headed down to help them out. Turns out we didn’t do much moving, but spent more time hanging out. That’s perfectly fine with me!

When I changed my Facebook status to let people know I was in Vulcan for the weekend, I got a few Star Trek related comments. Naturally. (Are we friends on Facebook yet? If not, let me know and we’ll fix that.) I decided to get some pictures of the Star Trek side of things. Time for a pic spam of my weekend!
Vulcan 111Vulcan 166

It seemed as if every business had a Trekkie related name. We were immediately singled out as out of towners, and with all of my picture taking…well, let’s just say that they think I’m a bit odd.

Vulcan 116

The new place. Here’s a tidbit for you: This is an old farm, and they’re paying less in rent than Stephen and I do for our teeny downtown apartment. I don’t have any desire to live on a farm, but I’m still shocked that they get all that space for so cheap!

I went exploring around her property a big, and came across quite a bit of junk left lying out. Old bathtubs, stoves and scrap wood is just laying everywhere. It’ll be a lot of work for them to clear out, but it makes for neat pictures!

Vulcan 126Vulcan 129 Vulcan 131 Vulcan 130

There was also an abundance of cars and trucks left out back. I made Jessica come check them out with me, and she loved it!
Vulcan 124 Vulcan 154
Vulcan 137 Vulcan 144

I also spent every spare moment with the puppies. They’re awkward clumsiness and adorable sad eyes tugged at my heartstrings and made me wish that I could bring them home with me!

Vulcan 108 Vulcan 184

Vulcan 118 Vulcan 120
Lily and Jaybo.

Vulcan 170 Vulcan 189

Iggy and Bella.
Bella isn’t my sister’s dog, but was over for a visit. All these dogs put my puppy fever into overdrive!

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