Friday, April 30, 2010


Either Or Final

I’ve been reading these Either/Or interviews over at Rich Inner Life and loved them so much, that I figured I would snag one for my own. Side note: This isn’t my writing, I grabbed a copy of the interview here.

A few explanations:

TV vs. Radio: Lately, I’ve been favoring TV because I’m not a fan of the local radio stations. If I listen to the radio too long, I hear the same song repeated an infinite amount of times. I also quickly tire of the incessant talking in between songs. Truthfully, I prefer CDs, but haven’t bought a new one in ages. I wish I could access Pandora here.

Morning vs. Evening: I love both times of the day, but I can’t ever seem to make myself get all that much done in the mornings (when I’m not working). I’m much more productive in the evening.

Pencil vs. Pen: I’m picky about the pens I use, and will hoard good ones.

Introvert vs. Extrovert: I’m an introvert, but sometimes I surprise myself by going and doing things like inviting a blogger over to decorate cupcakes!

Mountain and Beach: A beach surrounded by mountains is the only way to go.

Neat vs. Messy: I prefer things to be neat, but I’m messy by nature.

Eat In and Take Out: I prefer eating in when Stephen takes the time to cook a lovely meal, but I love going out to eat just as much. I’m not talking about fast food, I’m talking about real food in a nice restaurant.

If you look on the right side of my blog, I've added a poll. I want you guys to decide what I'm going to bake next! The poll will stay open until May 6th, and I'll bake what you choose that weekend. The recipe will be posted the following Thursday, May 13th.

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