Friday, April 2, 2010

Taking Care of Business.

I’ve received a couple of awards recently, from two very lovely ladies!

Honest Scrap Award Honest Scrap Award from Kara.

Sugar Doll Award
The Fabulous Sugar Doll Award from Christy.

With both of these, I’m supposed to list ten things about myself and then pass it on to other bloggers. I’m going to pass the awards onto all of my blog readers! Feel free to take them as you like.

1. I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. I need to have something sweet at least once a day, or I go crazy.
2. I can’t hang pictures straight to save my life. It’s better for everyone if I make Stephen hang them up for me.
3. I actually liked doing laundry until I moved into an apartment. It’s the whole dragging 4 loads of laundry down to the basement and back up again thing that drives me nuts.
4. When I’m home alone, I turn Family Channel on as background noise. Often, 3 or 4 shows will go by before I remember I have the TV on.
5. When I bake, I like to turn on music and dance like a fool. Maybe that’s why I’m such a good baker?
6. I dream of owning my own bakery and wearing a pink chef’s jacket. Only problem is, I hate waking up early.
7. I’m obsessed with Paris. It’s not something I’ve talked about much on here, but I dream of going some day. My entire apartment is decorated with Paris related items. All of my friends and family know of this obsession, so I often receive Paris related gifts.
8. I have a weakness for reality shows. My list of shows I like is probably a little bit too long. The list of reality shows I don’t like is just about as long. It drives me nuts when people live Tweet them.
9. I’m excited for the warmer weather because I can’t wait to start a container garden on my little balcony. I couldn’t last summer because our balcony got very little sun, but our currently balcony gets full sun! I’m thinking of planting some strawberries, lettuce and perhaps tomatoes.
10. I love ribbon and gift wrap. There’s just something about a beautifully wrapped gift that makes me so happy! (Check out these two Flickr Groups to see what I mean: Nice Package & Lovely Package)

I've also added several Pages to the top of my blog. In doing so, I've cleaned up the side of my blog a little bit.

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