Friday, April 23, 2010

Random Thoughts Friday

First off, last week, the lovely Christy over at 25 Before 25 gave me the Beautiful Blogger Award. I’m supposed to list 7 things about myself and then pass it on to 7 other bloggers.
beautiful blogger award

1. The thought of shaving icks me out; it’s akin to nails on a chalkboard. The weird thing is, I have no problem actually shaving my legs and such, it’s just the thought that gives me the heebies.
2. Cleaning out the lint trap in the dryer makes me feel the same way. I hate the feeling of the actual trap against my fingertips.
3. I’ve recently rediscovered my love for pudding. I’m on a mission to find a good pudding recipe so I can make my own.
4. The thought of cooking dinner for myself makes me crazy. I’ve always hated cooking, but have recently discovered that I don’t mind all that much finding recipes and cooking for Stephen and I. Because of the hours that Stephen works, I eat alone most nights. The worst time to cook for me is when I come home from work. I usually get home around 7 and would rather die than cook myself a meal. I’m currently searching for new recipes that are quick and easy. Preferably something that I could toss in the oven with little preparation. Any suggestions?
5. I’ve recently discovered that I’m allergic to my guinea pigs. Whenever I hold them for more than a few minutes, I get itchy and will beak out into hives. This makes me feel awful, but doesn’t stop me from loving on them.
6. I’m dying to start a garden, and I don’t know where this sudden passion for gardening came from. Since I live in an apartment, I have to do container gardening. I’d love to grow veggies.
7. I have serious puppy fever. Whenever I see a dog, my heart aches. Since we live in a teeny apartment, Stephen and I feel we should wait on getting a dog. It doesn’t help that my Vulcan Sister has 3 dogs.

Now for the 7 lovely bloggers that I’m passing this along to:
1. Miranda at Imperfectly Candid
2. Andi at Fuegita Bonita
3. Holly at Her Southern Heart
4. Kimberley at Blair’s Girls
5. Sue at Simon’s Sista Saw
6. Chanel at Stilettos and Coffee
7. Allie at Learning To Live Lean
As for my other random thoughts:

-It rained last night. I’ve been waiting for this for ages, because I’m simply sick of Calgary being so brown! I can’t wait to see green grass and everyone’s gorgeous gardens.

-I need to organize my whole apartment. I wish I had someone who I could call over to help me out. It would make it more fun!

-Stephen and I bought new pillows on Tuesday night. I normally sleep with two pillows, but these ones are so nice and fluffy that I only need one! And get this: They were buy one get one free, so we got 4 for $20. They’re pretty amazing for cheap pillows. Now we just need to get a new bedspread and we’d be set.

-I’m actually going to stop here before this turns into a novel. Enjoy your weekend friends! I know that if it’s warm and sunny, you’ll be able to find me on my balcony with an iced coffee.

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