Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday


1.  If you could travel back in time, would you?  What decade would you visit?
I most definitely would! I have a really random urge to go back to Victorian times, but only if it’s for a short and sweet visit!

2. What was your best Halloween costume?  (fun to make? most creative?)
My favorite was the year that I was a dead prom queen. I found a really awesome blue dress at the thrift store. My neighbor was studying theatre makeup, so she made a really awesome gash across my neck. Best ever.

3. Do you like your name?  If you weren’t called by your name, what would you want to be called?
I like my name for the simple fact that I don’t know a lot of Angela’s. I couldn’t even imagine being called by another name!

4. In the past year, what is the BEST recipe you made.  Please share it!
Best recipe was Bobby Flay’s German Chocolate cake. It’s a bit of work, but worth every minute of it. I wanted to bake it again to include with my Thursday recipes, but the truth is it’s expensive to make, because it’s full of things I don’t keep around on a regular basis. Even still, if you want to impress someone and are willing to dish out a little bit of extra money, make this!

5. Look around – what is the nearest object or picture hanging on the wall?
This picture of Paris, from Ikea.

Paris picture(I Google Image Searched and found it on this blog)

6. What was the last movie you saw in a theater?  Would you recommend it?
I went and saw Law Abiding Citizen in the cheap theatres. I thought it was really great and definitely recommend it!

7. Did you go to summer camp?  Will you/do you send your kids to camp?
I went to a few church camps when I was a teenager and loved them. I think I’ll look into summer camps when I have kids, and send them if they’re up for it. No whole summer long camps though.

8. What kind of ringtone do you have?
Some random song that came with my phone. I tried downloading ringtones, but for some reason my phone wouldn’t let me. Saves me money though!

9. Where is the farthest away from home you have ever been?
I’ve been 2126 miles away.

10. Has anyone ever written a song or a poem for or about you?

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