Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Summer List

A little while back, I alluded to the fact that I like to compile a “Summer List” every year, and a few of you requested to see it. A few years back, one of my best friends called me up and asked if I would go toss around a football in Bowness Park with her because “it’s on my summer list, I have to get it done!” Of course I agreed to go, if only to hear more about this list, we all know that I have a thing for lists.

The summer list is basically just a list of simple thing you wish to accomplish throughout the summer, most of them aren’t anything spectacular, but more of a list of things to get you outside doing something or to remind of you things to do when you’re bored. Ever since then, I’ve been writing up a list and hanging it in a place where I could see it daily and cross off (with pretty markers!) things as I accomplish them. I just started my list a week ago, so there’s a chance that this can grow before the summer is over.

Summer List

1. Make a trip to Vulcan with Stephen
2. Have a BBQ at our apartment
3. See fireworks
4. Go on a picnic
5. Go thrifting (or garage saling)
6. Try a new coffee shop with a friend
7. Go to Movie in the Park
8. Attend a summer festival of some sort
9. Walk down to the river (check out River Island Park)
10. Have a drink on the Starbucks rooftop patio
11. Make jam
12. Go strawberry picking
13. Have a BBQ or bonfire in a park
14. Host a game night
15. Bake a pastry
16. Get gelato
17. Get midnight slurpees at 7-11

What’s on your Summer List?

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