Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Recap

I feel like this past weekend was a rather big one for my family. It started off on Saturday afternoon. I met up with my middle sister (Tracy) and two of her friends, and we headed off wedding dress shopping.

August 7 016

We only made it to two bridal shops that day, but it didn’t matter because she found her dress at the very first shop of the day! She had tried on a couple of dresses, but this one just seemed to come out of nowhere. The bridal consultant that was helping her picked it out, but none of us seemed to expect too much before she got it on. She surprised all of us with just how happy she was in it. Tracy’s not a crier, so it wasn’t like a scene out of Say Yes to the Dress. It fit her perfectly, and it’s all she could think about all day. My parents are heading back to put a deposit on it for her.

August 7 025

This isn’t the dress (I can’t show that off yet!), but I just wanted to let you know that Tracy looked good in almost every dress she tried on. Lucky girl. This one was clearly not a winner, even though the bridal consultant (at a different store) tried so hard to make Tracy like it. It was an interesting experience, that’s for sure.

Yesterday was also a big day for my baby sister Jessica. She found a place and will be moving out of my parents’ house soon! She’ll be moving into a nice little 3 bedroom main floor duplex as soon as she packs all of her stuff up. Two of her friends have already started moving in. Here’s an interesting fact that my Mom brought up to me last night: While her and my Dad are sad that all of the kids will have moved out, this will be the first time that my Mom and Dad have ever lived alone! My Mom and Dad met when I was 3, so they never had the chance to live alone. They’ve spent the last twenty some odd years living with three girls, so they definitely deserve a break!

Anything exciting happen to you over the weekend?

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