Monday, August 29, 2011

Crayon Art

Occasionally, I’ll play around on my laptop while Stephen is watching TV. More often than not, I’ll find my way over to Pinterest, and Stephen will look through it with me during commercials. He saw this crayon art pinned from an Etsy shop and immediately declared that we needed to make it. I brushed it off, not thinking that he was serious.

He kept talking about it, so I finally gave in. Only problem was the fact that he wanted to make it to hang in our living room. Now, our living room isn’t fancy or anything like that, but I knew that it just wouldn’t match anything and would be out of place. This led to a week long debate before we got around to making this art. I seriously did not want it in the living room, but he was sold on it being a “statement piece”. I finally gave in to making it, hoping that he would realize that it wouldn’t look good in the living room.

August 28 005

You’ll need to pick up some crayons and a canvas. We measured out our crayons against the canvas while at the store, taking into account that we wouldn’t want to use the ugly colors, such as brown and black. You should lay out all of our crayons beforehand, so that you know what order you’d like to place them on the canvas. You’ll then need use a hot glue gun to attach them to the canvas.

August 28 014

We set the canvas up against the wall at an angle, and made sure to stick some paper underneath to catch the drips.August 28 019

We decided to use my embossing gun to melt the wax, as we figured it wouldn’t blow the wax around as much as a hair dryer would. I’m not entirely sure that’s the case, but I liked the fact that the hot air flow was directed out of a smaller opening. Stephen was in charge of melting the crayons, and he found that it worked best when he directed the hot air just below the Crayola sign. It was also best to work on just a few crayons at a time before moving down the line.

August 28 028

Occasionally, Stephen would aim the embossing gun at the middle of the canvas in a downward position (not straight on, so it wouldn’t splatter) so that he could get some of the wax all the way to the bottom of the canvas.

August 28 033

Once the wax was dry, we were ready to hang it up. After some more discussion, Stephen realized that this was much better suited to our office than it was the living room. Stephen decided to hang the canvas upside down for a different look, and I think it looks fantastic!

August 28 034

Tips: Buy some extra crayons so that you can do a practice run. I’m so glad that we did because we learned quickly what to do and what not to do. Make sure to aim your heating tool at a downward angle at all times if you want to avoid splattering.

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