Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

TenOnTuesday#95 at Roots and Rings

1. What is your favorite brand of shoes?
The only brand loyalty I’ve developed when it comes to shoes is for non-athletic runners from Puma. I just like the way they fit me, and I like the style. Other than that, I just like a shoe that is cute and fits well!

2. How old were you when you learned to tie your shoes?
I don’t remember. I do remember being at a friends house though, and her uncle taught me. I still use his method.

3. How do you feel about freckles?
I don’t think a whole lot about them, but I suppose they’re ok. I think that if I had more of them, I’d develop a stronger opinion. I don’t hate them, though.

4. I can count to ten in ___ languages.
3 languages: English, French and Spanish.

5. What is your favorite store-bought ice cream flavor?
Ben & Jerry’s cheesecake brownie. Yum!

6. Were you in ballet or gymnastics as a little girl?
I wasn’t in either of them. In fact, I wasn’t in any sort of organized sport.

7. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?

8. What’s your bedtime?
During the week, Stephen and I get in bed around 9pm, and lights go out around 10pm. In between time is spent playing on our iPhones. On the weekend, whenever I feel like it.
Yes, Stephen and I both realize how lame we are, but since we both have to be up early in the morning, we know that going to bed earlier is better for us.

9. Do you have any jewelry that you wear every single day?
I don’t. I’m not very good at being a girl, haha!

10. Who is the bug killer in your household?
It depends on how big and ugly it is. If it’s just little, I’ll kill it; if it’s large and ugly, I yell for Stephen to come kill it.

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