Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An Edmonton Kind of Weekend

I mentioned last week that I had spent the weekend in Edmonton. The plan was for me to join Stephen there (who had been there since Tuesday), so that I could be there for his Mom as well. Luckily, Stephen’s Mom was out of the hospital by the time I got there and was already doing great.

July 25 110

On Friday afternoon, after our zoo adventure, Sharon came back to my house to pick me up so that we could make the three hour drive to Edmonton together. It was an interesting drive; Kolton was tired of being in the car, as was Sharon. We played a few silly car games to keep us entertained. At one point, we were both so into the alphabet game that when we both saw a Q word, we yelled it out at the same time and made Kolton cry. Oops!

July 25 134

Saturday consisted of a trip to our favorite scrapbook store. Sharon and I always insist on stopping in whenever we’re in Edmonton. Stephen and I took Kolton and made a trip to the farmer’s market. Stephen’s Mom lives a block away from it! I’d be there every weekend if I lived in her apartment. We grabbed some delicious cupcakes and shared them with everyone back at the apartment. I had the coffee date cupcake, and I have to admit that it was just like drinking a cup of coffee. Delicious! We then made our way to Stephen’s grandma’s condo for a spaghetti dinner. Kolton enjoyed that thoroughly.

July 25 139

Then came Sunday Funday. We were originally supposed to go home on Sunday, but when we found out that Stephen had Monday off from work, I called in and took Monday off as well. Stephen, Sharon and I took Kolton swimming. He was a bit scared at first, but totally warmed up to it and had a blast going down the baby slide! We rounded out the evening with dinner from Five Guys. So worth it.

July 25 145

Most of the pictures taken that weekend were of Kolton, but what can I say…I don’t get to see him often! It was a perfect way to get in some family time.

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