Friday, August 12, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 50)

1. I’ve got today off, which lead me to think it was Saturday. That’s why this post is so late, I simply forgot to write it. I thought about just skipping today’s post, but I hate leaving my blog empty for a day. Guess I like the routine.

2. I’m in to my first full four day week with Baby E, which is quite the adjustment for me. I went for being a nanny of four kids (for 5 years) to being a nanny for just one baby (with some other kids/families in between). I have to admit that I do miss the chaos of multiple kids as I always had something to keep me going. Although, it is kind of nice having the break in the afternoon when Baby E is sleeping. He’s so ridiculously adorable that it makes it all worth it.

3. The good thing about working with Baby E is that I have a friend who lives within walking distance. Once a week, we meet up at the park for a play date. Baby E is still too young for the park, but he still gets to socialize and get out of the house. We both win in that situation.

4. Since there’s not much for Baby E and I to do out of the house just yet, we go on a lot of long walks together. I’ve been curious just how far we’ve been walking, so I downloaded an app called iMapMyWalk. It uses the GPS on your phone to track the route that you walked (how far and how long). I’ve only used it for one day (2 walks), but so far, it’s insanely accurate. Turns out that between our two walks yesterday, we walked nearly 4 km in about an hour.

5. On Wednesday night, I went on a coffee date with some old friends. One of them is a friend that has been living across Canada for the past few years but just moved back home. I was pretty excited to see her. Things certainly have changed, but it was good to hang out again. Hopefully there’ll be more coffee dates in the near future.

6. I’ve been thinking of trying out canning for some time now, but it took a good sale at Walmart yesterday to convince to do it. Tomatoes were 88 cents/pound, so Stephen met with me so that we could buy 20 pounds for spaghetti sauce. We also bought 10 pounds of peaches. When I tell people that I’m going to start canning, I feel like I’m 40 years old, not 25.

7. There was a thunderstorm last night while we were at Walmart, and it knocked the power out. The lights were only out for a few seconds, but I have to admit it was eerie. You don’t realize just how loud Walmart is until everything goes silent.

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