Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Project Weekend

This past weekend is what Stephen and I like to refer to as project weekend. We had a bunch of little around the house projects that have been adding up for quite some time, so once Stephen had a weekend off, we designated that as our project time.

A few of them were rather boring; cleaning out drains and putting up a new showerhead. We had a failed project: a chalkboard that we were going to put on the inside door of our pantry. We used some chalkboard paint on a non-stick surface and well, it didn’t stick, ha! We’ll just redo that project another weekend.

August 20 149

August 20 146

Our most time consuming project of the weekend was the gallery wall. We had to spray paint every single frame, then hang it up. The frames still aren’t full, but here’s a sneak peek of it:

gallery wall

The most fun project of the weekend was the crayon art, picked out by Stephen. He saw it on Pinterest and has been obsessed with recreating it ever since. I’m thinking of writing up a post about the crayon art alone, would you be interested in learning how to make it, or do you think it’s been overdone by other blogs lately? I’d love to hear your thoughts.
We hung it up in our office, and Stephen chose to hang it upside down, which I think is pretty awesome.

crayon art

What are some projects that you’ve done lately?

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