Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Balcony Garden Update

A while back, I wrote about my little balcony garden. If you remember, Stephen and I had planted some hanging strawberries, a tomato plant and some herbs.

Let’s start off the update with my tomato plant. Stephen had surprised me with it one evening, and neither of us really knew much about it. After some Googling, I discovered that it wouldn’t grow the type of tomatoes we were both hoping for, but rather, some small Sungold tomatoes.

May 16 350

That’s what my tomato plant looked like back in May. Just a modest little thing that grew in the corner of the balcony.

August 2 001

This is what it looks like now; a beast that has literally taken over half of the balcony. I guess I could have been better about keeping it trimmed down, but I kind of like how wild it’s become.

August 2 003

I love going out to water my plants and being able to pick one of these sweet tomatoes to eat straight from the vine!

August 2 008

On to the herbs. We had some Oregano, Thyme, Dill and Basil growing. However, right of the bat, the basil died off and didn’t come back. All of the other herbs flourished however, and we’ve already harvested them once. This time, the dill and thyme have both started to flower. Not sure what to do about that now.

Now for the comeback story of the season: my hanging strawberry plant.

May 16 351

That's what it looked like back in May, when we first bought it. It did well at first, and produced a handful of delicious strawberries. Then we went through an awful rain spell (I swear it must have rained for two weeks straight). I thought that the strawberry plant was getting enough water from the rain, as the tomatoes and herbs were. I didn't water the poor strawberries the entire time it rained, only to go out one day to find out that they got little to no rain. I was so mad at myself because my beautiful strawberry plant started to die, and everyone told me to give up on it. I didn't listen to them though. Instead, I lovingly watered it (frequently) and picked off all of the dead bits. All that love paid off because it just started growing back, and has even started flowering again!

August 2 012

There's not much left, but I'm proud to admit that even since this picture was taken last week, it has grown some more! I even spotted a new strawberry growing. I was so worried that I had a black thumb, but it just turns out that I made a few rookie mistakes.

Did you grow anything this year?

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