Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Jessi!

This past Sunday was my baby sister’s 20th birthday. I do realize it’s kind of odd calling Jessica my baby sister because people have, on occasion, mistaken her for the oldest sister. Anyway, Jessica requested that Stephen make her Hawaiian meatballs for her birthday dinner, so we had her and her roommates over on Saturday.

It was a low key evening; we played some cards, ate some good food and enjoyed birthday cake for dinner. It was also the perfect opportunity to play with my new camera. Here’s the birthday girl:

August 14 026

She took a picture of Stephen and I:

August 14 027

Jessica also requested an ice cream cake, so I made her one with cake batter ice cream.

August 14 042

Last, but not least, my favorite picture of the night, only because of the face Jessica was making. I was showing her how the screen flips out and then turns around, making it easier for me to take self portraits, which is something I’m notoriously bad at. I forgot that I had changed the settings on the camera, so the flash went off and surprised us both.

August 14 049

The great thing about my new camera is that Stephen is finally interested in taking pictures. Maybe now there’ll be more pictures of me on this blog!

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