Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 51)

1. This week has been a rather uneventful one in terms of work, which I suppose can be a good thing. The only really exciting thing is that Baby E is getting close to crawling. I can’t wait until he does!

2. My sister asked me  this week to help her out with her save the dates and wedding invitations. I’m so glad that she asked me because I love doing stuff like this. I’ve been focusing on save the dates this week and I have an entire folder of bookmarks that I can’t wait to show her. If  you have any tips for me, or even websites that I should check out, please share!

3. I talked last Friday about wanting to can spaghetti sauce. Well, we made the sauce, but the texture seems really off. We’re thinking it could be because we didn’t seed the tomatoes first. The pressure canner that we were given doesn’t even seem to work, so we’ve got all this spaghetti sauce that we may just have to toss. I hate doing that.

4. I’m hosting a girls night at my house tonight. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten together with a bunch of my girl friends at once, so I’m pretty excited. I’ve already had one cancellation, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’s the only one who cancels.

5. Stephen’s got the weekend off, so we’ll be spending the majority of our time doing little projects around the house. I’m really excited to start my gallery wall, which is a project that I’ve had in mind long before we even moved into this place.

6. We’ve also got a BBQ to attend on Saturday night. It’ll be so nice to go somewhere and stay as long as we like since Stephen doesn’t have to work the next morning.

7. We’ve been playing with the new camera this week. This is my favorite shot that I took of Stephen:

August 18 056

I’m really itching to start taking pictures of my baked goods, so I’m really glad that I’ve got some baking to do today!

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