Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekend Recap

Let’s talk about this past weekend, shall we? Friday was sort of a hodgepodge day for me. I worked until Noon, then headed to the Freedriving Tour. After that, Stephen and I had an impromptu date night and saw Super 8. I heard it best described as a cross between The Wonder Years and Alien; totally accurate and totally a great movie.

Saturday was my laze around at home day, but by the afternoon, I was itching to do something creative. I channelled that creative energy into making a card and doing what I do best…baking! After a quick trip to the store, I set about making waffle iron cookies and cheesecake stuffed strawberries. Yeah, you read that right; I BAKED COOKIES IN A WAFFLE IRON. Sorry for the caps lock freak out, this was just a rather exciting moment for me. Unfortunately, the cookies didn’t turn out to be anything amazing. I think I over baked them (90 seconds was too long!), but it was a fun little experiment.


The cheesecake stuffed strawberries were a major success though. I brought them to a friend’s BBQ/fire in the backyard that night and went home with an empty plate. Everyone was amazed that I actually took the time to hollow out all of those strawberries. (Recipe to come tomorrow.) The BBQ was a great way to spend Saturday night. Stephen and I met some new people and got to catch up with one of our favorite couple friends.


Sunday, I had a baby shower to attend. One of my sister’s friends recently gave birth to a precious baby girl named Emily. Side story: For whatever reason, my sisters and I have all become friends with each other best friends. Not sure why, but it’s really nice.


So, how was your weekend? See any good movies lately?

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