Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Today I’m…

Gathering inspiration from a few different bloggers, I decided to let you know what I’m up to today.

Today I’m blogging from work. Baby E takes several naps throughout the day which leaves me with a bit of free time. He’s currently taking his first 20 minute nap of the morning, so I decided to get some writing done.


Today I’m living out of that backpack. I won’t be getting home until very late tonight (around 11pm-ish), so not only was my laptop in the backpack, but I also stuck breakfast, lunch and dinner in there.

Today I’m working all day. Work from 8am-4pm with my regular nanny family, then babysitting from 6:30pm-10pm with another family. I won’t be going home in between.

Today I’m heading downtown to pick up a $100 gift card that I won through twitter! COREshopping gave away 20 $100 gift cards when they hit 2000 followers and I was one of the lucky winners! Now Stephen can’t give me heck for spending too much time on twitter because it has finally paid off.

Today I’m watching a new series on TV: Missing. I discovered it on Monday morning during Baby E’s nap, and now I’ve decided to watch it whenever I’m here. It’s nothing particularly amazing, but there’s not a whole lot of good shows on during the day. It works for me.
(This is an old Canadian show that ran from 2003-2006.)

What are you doing today?

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