Monday, June 27, 2011

Freedriving Tour

Last week, I got an email inviting me to the Volkswagen Freedriving Tour. (It was from the same lady I worked with for the Women of Wonder project!) The gist of it is that I was welcome to come test drive some vehicles on a driving track with driving coaches. Only problem with that is I don’t have my license! (Yeah, I know. I’m ridiculous.) Luckily, I was able to sign up my Dad, as I knew that he would have a blast.

june 24 030

We showed up on Friday afternoon and got to take a look at a few of the vehicles before getting the test driving. I was able to be a passenger, but Stephen had to sit out the whole experience because he’s under 25. My Dad started off with the Jetta. He took it a bit slow at first while getting to know the track. It was fun, but nothing remarkable. Next up was the Golf GTI. It was cramped in the back seat! My Dad is just too big of a guy for that car. His driving instructor this time around was a lot more talkative and tried to get my Dad to push it to the limit…which he did, and knocked over a ton of pylons. Guess he had a bit too much fun with that one.

june 24 020

After that was the Golf Wagon TDI. This one was one of my favorites because not only was it roomier in the back seat, but my Dad finally got the hang of the course. He zoomed through it twice and didn’t hit a single pylon. It was fun speeding around those corners! Last was the Tiguan, which I think was my Dad’s personal favorite. It’s an SUV that handles more like a car. I could definitely see my Dad driving that.

june 24 024

It was interesting getting a backseat view to all of this and hearing the tips that the driving instructors had for my Dad. A couple of the driving instructors were rather quiet which didn’t make the drive around the course that exciting, bit overall, it was worth the trip.

june 24 015

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