Monday, May 2, 2011

A Royal Viewing

I wasn’t excited for the royal wedding. It wasn’t because I’m not in love/I’m bitter/I’m pessimistic or anything like that, it’s just because I’ve never really followed anything that any of the royals do. To me, Wills and Kate were just two more people getting married. As the wedding date drew nearer, I started getting curious. The only thing I was truly interested in was seeing Kate’s dress. On Thursday, I got a text from Izel asking if I’d like to join her for a royal wedding party with Hannah. The only appealing part of that invitation was the promise of hanging out with some of my friends. I figured I could watch some of the wedding as well.

May 1 014

The day of the party, I got a text saying that Hannah was no longer coming. Didn’t matter because there would still be Izel and her sisters. When I arrived at their house, I was pleasantly surprised. These girls had gone all out! They had some wedding shower decorations around the house, everyone had a sash to wear (I was the maid of honor!) and the table was beautifully set. We ate breakfast for dinner and enjoyed tea while watching the wedding.

May 1 011

May 1 015{Izel’s making the party waffles!}

I had a great time and wasn’t disappointed by Kate’s dress, I thought she looked gorgeous. Stephen informed me when I got home though that he didn’t like her dress at all. Silly boy.
Did you watch the royal wedding? If you didn’t watch the wedding, how did you spend your Friday night?

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