Monday, May 23, 2011

An Instagram Weekend

I took pictures with my actual camera this weekend, but I’ll probably save those for another post. Right now, we’ve got Stephen’s Mom visiting with us and we’ve got some downtime right now. Stephen’s playing Nintendo 64, and his Mom is sitting next to me, most likely playing Words With Friends (she’s now addicted). I figured I would use this time to get up some pictures up so my blog doesn’t sit empty tomorrow. (I’m writing this post on Sunday afternoon.)

It’s been a busy weekend. Friday started off with Stephen and I hitting up Costco. It was our first time shopping there, and I was like a kid in a candy store. In every aisle, I found some sort of snack that I just had to buy. I couldn’t control myself! Clearly, there was no self restraint when it came to buying this Cookie Crisp. Cookies for breakfast? Yes, please!

Cookie Crisp

It ended up being a two cart grocery shopping trip. We needed to start our stockpile of food, so all of our trips to Costco won’t involve this much food. Yes, I do realize that I must be the only person who blogs about grocery shopping.

2 carts

Saturday involved a big fancy birthday dinner for Stephen’s Mom. His grandparents and aunt drove in from Edmonton to be here for the dinner. It’ll forever be known as the “reduction dinner”. Stephen made pork tenderloin with a peach pomegranate reduction, along with lemon and thyme mashed potatoes. Most of the family had never even heard of a reduction before, so they were super impressed. I baked a Tuxedo cake for dessert (along with homemade vanilla ice cream). Since I’m lousy at cake decorating, I let Stephen assemble it all for me.

tuxedo cake

cake massacre

The cake was amazingly moist. Expect a recipe on Thursday.
Stephen and I know how to treat our guests well, so if you ever find yourself staying with us, know that you’ll be well fed.

How was your long weekend? Eat any good food?

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