Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weekend Recap

We celebrated Mother’s Day a week late. It can be hard getting my whole family together (especially with a sister who lives an hour away from Calgary), but we finally managed to get most of us together. Sadly, Stephen was stuck working. I had heard good things about a brunch spot called Cora’s, so we figured we might as well try it out. We met up around 11am Saturday morning, and then proceeded to wait in line for half an hour. Totally worth it though.

May 16 306

My sisters and I pitched in and bought my Mom an e-reader. She never asked for one, but totally wanted one. She was so happy with it!

Can we please talk for a minute about how amazing the food is? Because, seriously? So good! The plates come piled high with fruit.

May 16 308

What you can’t see buried under everything is two slices of brioche french toast. Aw, yeah!

May 16 309

This crepe was GIANT!

May 16 312

This is so typical of me, eating my food with my iPhone in hand. I was tweeting a picture of my breakfast, natch.

Later that evening, the family set out to celebrate my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday. The plan was to head out to a casino for a few hours. This was kind of exciting for me because I had never been to one before! Stephen and I met up with Jessica and Daniel at the casino, and then got a phone call that the rest of our family was actually at the other casino down the street. So, not only did I go to my first ever casino, I made it to two casinos that night! Here’s what I discovered: I’m not a fan of gambling, at all. Stephen and I set a $20 limit for each of us; with plans to spend it mostly on the penny slot machines. I only ended up spending $10, because losing the money depressed me way too much. I did, however, win some money while I was playing a Sex and the City slot machine. I should have quit while I was ahead.

May 16 317

What you can’t see is that my voucher says $23 (I had started off with $5!). I then proceeded to lose every last penny of that. Ugh. I’m so glad that this outing proved to me that I don’t like gambling, rather then letting me know that I could have been addicted to gambling. Could you imagine if that had been the outcome?
Do you like going to the casino? What’s the most you’ve ever lost? Won?

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