Thursday, May 5, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 37)

1. I feel like I've overbooked myself this week. Not only have I worked 5 days with my regular families (when I've only been working 4 lately), but I babysat Wednesday night and I'm going to get up bright and early (5am) on Sunday to work. Saturday is my only free day, but I'm trying to see a friend during the day, and Stephen and I were invited for dinner at another friend's house Saturday evening. No rest for the weary.

2. The weather this week has been fantastic! All of this sunlight and warm weather is making it easier for me to get up and leave for work every day. Even the rainy day on Tuesday didn't sour my mood.

3. I came home from work yesterday and realized that my lawn is green. I can only take so much snow and brown grass in my life. Now I need to get started on a garden.

4. Yesterday, I took T (the 4 year old boy I nanny) on one of my favorite adventures. It's a path that leads to little waterfalls near the river. I was really excited for this walk; I made him wear his rain boots expecting him to want to play in the waterfalls, and I even packed snacks for us to enjoy. We got there, saw the waterfalls and river, then T turned to me and said "ok, time to go home!" We'd been there for 5 minutes. I made him sit on a rock near the river to eat some snacks with me. Kids these days just don't get it.

5. While I was babysitting on Wednesday, the oldest boy insisted on calling me by his nanny's name because we both have glasses and a ponytail. I can't argue with that logic. Those boys call me Miss Angela, which is a first for me and makes me melt a little every time they call for me. They're adorable!

6. Things in my household are being changed up a bit. Nothing is finalized yet, but it involves jobs and education. Hopefully all of it will be good news that I can blog about soon.

7. I was watching TV while writing this (I normally blog the night before) and realized that I was mindlessly watching Pawn Queens. How many pawn shop/auction reality shows are out there? There's only so much I can watch. Seriously.
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