Monday, August 9, 2010

Thrifting and Coffee

My favorite part of having my summer list written out and hung up on my fridge is that when friends come over, they like to claim things off of it. The last time my friend Izel was over, she asked if she could claim “Go Thrifting” and “Try a new coffee shop with a friend.” It didn’t take much to convince me, so we made a date to do both of those things this past Saturday.

Growing up, my Mom used to take us kids thrifting all the time, but I haven’t been in years. Seeing various bloggers posting their thrifting treasure renewed my interest in thrifting, so I knew I had to give it a go. We hit up three different stores, but only had a little bit of luck at the first one.

August 8 2010 046

I’m always in need of picture frames, so I snatched up these two, hoping that they would be the right size for some art cards that I want to frame. They were brand new!

August 8 2010 049 August 8 2010 050

My favorite find by far was when Izel spotted these Barefoot Contessa cookbooks. I passed them over the first time not knowing how much they were, but went back to discover that they were $4 each. Sold! I’m so excited to try out some recipes. These are also practically new.
August 8 2010 018

In the completely random department, Izel spotted this plate. Yes, it does say my name! I couldn’t bring myself to buy it though. She came with a male companion, and if that had said Stephen, I would have bought them and proudly displayed their tackiness in my apartment. It just wasn’t meant to be.

As for the coffee portion of our date, we made our way over to Kawa Espresso Bar, where we met up with my sister and her boyfriend. We discovered that they also sold sandwiches and such, so we grabbed some food and coffee, and settled into a shady spot on the patio.

August 8 2010 020

{I had an mocha frappuccino and Izel had a citrusy coffee)

August 8 2010 022 August 8 2010 023

I had the most amazing chicken Panini, and a giant slice of Tiramisu. I’m sad to say that the Tiramisu could have used a lot more coffee in it.

I see a lot more thrifting and coffee dates in my future!
What did you do this weekend?

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