Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Guest Post On Camping

Andi from Fuegita Bonita is my oldest blogging friend; we go back six years. Who knew blogs even existed back then? Her post prompted me to head back to our Live Journal accounts and read through some of our archives. All I can say is be thankful that we’ve outgrown our angsty posts. Oh, and I just have to throw in a camping experience of my own (hopefully Andi doesn’t mind me sharing the spotlight): When I first moved to Calgary, I went to a church camp in July, in the mountains AND IT SNOWED ON US. Everyone’s tents collapsed and we spent the rest of the week sleeping in a church.

Since Angela was originally going to go camping this week, I thought I would write about some of my camping experiences. I like to camp sometimes.

The past couple of years, my friends would come out for the Ren Fest and we would camp like 5 minutes away. They would camp two nights, me one. Last year, we slept on a tarp under the stars. Kinda annoying, since they still expected me to help pay the tent fee, for a tent I was never in. Boo. It was kind of fun. I never take enough blankets and freeze my butt off.

One time in college, we went camping. I had a bottle of vodka that I’d had for a long time and wanted to get rid of it, so I brought it along. Holy cow. I passed out with a rock under my thigh, so when I woke up, my leg was asleep which made it hard to get out to puke. That trip was fun though, it was at a lake. We went exploring and there was this really rocky area that we climbed down. Actually, that year me and Angela exchanged pictures of each other to take with us on adventure. I sent her a pic from this trip were I was cooking. She sent me one I took to a football game.

Then there was the time I went to my mom’s church Girl’s Camp. That was quite the adventure. I got a really bad sunburn. The girl I shared a tent with was evil. There was another tent that we didn’t really like the girls, so she put food around their tent, which didn’t zip up, so they had raccoons in and around their tent. So to get back at her they put food all around our tent, but the day they did it, she slept in her sister’s tent so it didn’t affect her, and I couldn’t get to our tent. I also got stung by a bee on that trip. We were just walking along through a field, when all the sudden I felt something in my sandal. I thought it was a flower or something. I looked down, there was a bee between my littlest toe and the next one. He was laying on his back, with his little legs on the strap, just chilling. Then he stung me. I had no idea if I was allergic to bee stings so I started freaking out.

I think the best camping trip, was when I was in 7th grade, I went with a church group. We went to some place near St Louis. There were 2 girls on it that I didn’t know and were mean. But we went spelunking. That was the coolest thing ever. One cave was called mushroom cave. Sadly I didn’t get to see the mushrooms as the first part we went in didn’t have them and they left me when they went in the second time since I was looking at some cuts I got. Saw lots of bats. To wash off after the caves, we went to a near by river. I lost my sandals in the river and was terrified my mom would kill me for it. She didn’t, she was just like oh well summer’s over anyway. I would love to go back. The first night out there, my friend I was sharing a tent with, kicked a hole in the tent during the night, that kinda sucked. There were so many katydids at the camp site, that they started cooking and eating them. Me and like one other person were the only ones that didn’t try them.

Well, there’s been a lot more but those are the most memorable and this has gotten really long. Maybe I’ll post more stories on my blog sometime. Drop by! ~ Fuegita

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