Monday, August 30, 2010

A Birthday BBQ

On August 14th, my baby sister turned 19. Last weekend, we helped her celebrate by having a big BBQ in Bowness Park. It was a fantastic BBQ, which turned into a mini family reunion. The Vulcan Sister and her boyfriend + three puppies came in, our Uncle Greg and his partner came by and our Uncle Darcy flew in from Vancouver! Ok, so Uncle Darcy didn’t fly in specifically for this event, but the timing just happened to work out perfectly. Add in a sprinkling of really close friends and a Saturday night that Stephen wasn’t working, and I’d call that a perfect evening in the park.

August 22 001 {My Dad plus 2/3 of the boyfriends.}

There was plenty of good food to go around: I baked a few treats, there was birthday cake, hotdogs, hamburgers and salads. Yum! Leave it to the guys to take care of the barbecuing.

August 22 005

One of my favorite babies made an appearance. (Are they still babies when they’re almost two? She’ll always be a baby to me!) I had so much fun walking with her by the river and playing at the park.

August 22 030 August 22 031
{Abby and Iggy}

August 22 066 {Jaybo and Lily}

We had 4 dogs join us in the festivities, and as you can see, Jaybo and Lily got a little rowdy and tried to steal some food. Made me want a dog so much more!

August 22 043 {The birthday girl!}

August 22 070

This picture is kind of blurry, but is definitely my favorite from the night. I wish that we could all get together more often, we always have so much fun!

All of this just makes me wonder one thing, why the heck is my birthday in the winter? I wish I could celebrate like this!

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