Friday, August 13, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 11)

7 quick takes

1. I found out this week that my time with my regular nanny family is just about over. I didn’t get fired or anything like that; the kids are at an age that they don’t really need a nanny anymore. I was expecting this, but hadn’t been given a definitive answer until this week. This is hard on me because I’ve been with these kids for nearly 5 years, but all good things come to an end. I’m currently polishing up my resume. Fun fact: I’ve never had to turn in a resume. None of the families that I interviewed with have requested that I give them one, but the family I just applied with requested one. Yes, this means I’m job hunting. This next couple of weeks are going to be stressful, so please keeping me in your prayers/send me good thoughts. I need to find a job quickly.
Let’s hope the next couple of weeks go slow so that I can savour my last moments with my favorite kids ever.

2. I’m still working with my Friday kids, just in case you’re wondering. They’re still as lovely as ever. I wish they could take me on full time! (I think I'm going to pitch that idea to the Mom and see what she says…)

3. We’re not going camping anymore. Sharon got an infection (she had had a C-Section), so she didn’t want to risk aggravating it by camping. They’re still coming to visit, which means that we’ll have two other adults plus a month old baby staying in our teeny apartment. I’m ridiculously excited! I still have to work while they’re here. Since I only have a limited time with my nanny family, it wouldn’t be a good idea at all to get the time off. We’re still going to fit in lots of fun, which means I won’t be around much next week.

4. Speaking of which, I’m scheduling blog posts for the entire week. I do have one guest post that will go up on Tuesday, from my oldest blog friend.

5. Stephen has Saturday and Sunday off, which is a real treat for both of us. We’ve planned for Saturday to be a “Date Day”. We’ll be going to the movies in the afternoon, then dinner, and then I’ve invited my Nanny Friend and her husband over for a game night. I’m looking forward to unwinding after a long and hard week.

6. Sunday will be spent shopping for presents for our baby nephew and preparing the apartment for our guests.

7. My 7 Quick Takes are never really short as the name would imply. Oh well. Everyone who knows me in real life can attest to the fact that I talk a lot.

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