Friday, August 6, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 10)

7 quick takes

1. The week after next, Stephen’s brother and his girlfriend will be here visiting us with their new baby. The plan is for Stephen and I to join them in the middle of the week for some camping…which means I won’t be left with much time to blog. I want some advice from you guys: What would you like to happen here at Craving Cupcakes during that week? Would you like guest posts? (Leave a comment if you want to be a guest poster! I’ll need 5.) Would you like it if I just wrote some posts and scheduled them to post while I’m away, or would you prefer it if I just took the week off?
Please let me know, after all, I write for you!

2. I went back to work with my regular nanny family this week (they had been on vacation for 2 weeks). I was surprised at just how much I missed those kids! They all seemed to have grown taller during their time away.

3. I stopped by my parent’s place yesterday for some free laundry and to play board games. Don’t worry, I still do my own laundry when I’m there. Right around the time that I wanted to leave, Settlers of Catan was brought out by a friend, and I got sucked into a game that lasted 2 hours. I’m apparently addicted to the game.

4. My favorite baby was there yesterday. I was so excited because I hadn’t seen her in months! She’s so big now and has the most gorgeous curly blond hair. I’m kicking myself for forgetting my camera at home!

5. I made a date with a friend on Saturday to go thrifting and to try a new coffee shop. That’s two things on my Summer List that will get crossed off! Let’s hope I’ll be able to score some awesome finds at the thrift stores.

6. Stephen told me last night that his next day off is August 14, which is a Saturday. I made him promise me that it will be a date night since he never gets Saturdays off; we’re already planning on trying out a new restaurant. I can’t help but laugh at the fact that we have to schedule date nights two weeks in advance!

7. I have a bunch of strawberries that I want to bake with, but have no idea what to make. Any suggestions?

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