Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday


For each of the following, take a picture. This is a chance for us to get a literal glimpse into each other’s lives. Feel free to skip a question if it doesn’t apply to you or it’s too personal. You can include explanations if necessary.
1. Your house.

August 23 002

{My apartment building. Our apartment is on the back.}

2. Your shower.

August 22 102{Sorry, but you don’t get the inside.}

3. The inside of your refrigerator.

July 4th 006

4. Your pet.

Father's Day 041

5. Your favorite pair of shoes.

August 22 106My actual favorite pair of shoes seem to be missing, but these are a close second. Apparently I need to dust them though. Who knew?

6. The most comfortable seat in your house.

July 4th 051Stephen will probably argue with me over this one, but besides our bed, I find this seat to be the most comfortable. It was either this, or the bar stools. Stephen’s always in his computer chair, so I never get to sit in it.

7. Your favorite cup or coffee mug.

August 22 103It was dirty, so I washed it. I was too impatient to dry it though.

8. Your laundry room.

August 23 004Creepy, right? Yes, that’s my purse you see.

9. The view from your office chair.
We don’t have an office/I don’t work in an office.

10. Your spouse/significant other/roommate.
August 21 012 This is Stephen, the guy I’m madly in love with.

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