Friday, August 27, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 13)

7 quick takes

1. I’ve been job hunting in full force this week. Every spare moment outside of work has been devoted to returning phone calls, replying to emails and scheduling interviews. It’s tiring, and my Google Reader is sitting neglected. I’m sorry.

2. I’ve had two interviews so far, with one today and another one hopefully tomorrow. So far, both interviews went extremely well. I have to call them back this weekend and let them know my thoughts on wanting the jobs.

3. I keep getting emails from people wanting to offer me the same rate as a day home. Here’s the thing: With a day home, there are several different children, so it’s ok to charge less because you’re getting the income from several different families. Plus, you’re doing it all in your house. With a nanny, the one family that I work for is my sole source of income, so no, you cannot pay me $30-$60 for a full day of work. Nannies are more expensive, but you get more personalised care in your home.

4. I’ve had several people emailing me and asking me if I’d be willing to travel outside of Calgary to work for them. Sorry, but no. I scheduled an interview with a family that sounded promising (3 kids with twins of the way!), but then found out that they don’t live in Calgary. Even if it is a short commute, I can’t do it. I figured that would be information a family would offer up first thing.

5. I could probably write an entire post on how to hire a nanny.
I’m sorry this post is so job oriented right now, it’s all I’ve got on the brain.

6. I’ve got a cold. I don’t recall ever being the type of person who gets summer colds, it’s just plain weird being sick like this when it’s 28C.

7. I’m having a Spice World party tonight. You read that right, be jealous!

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