Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kurt Halsey

A few years ago, I stumbled across artwork by Kurt Halsey. Since then, I’ve been admiring his work from afar, but had never bought any pieces of my own. Two Christmases ago, I decided to start off small and ordered the 2009 Calendar. Stephen placed the order for me, and sneakily added on a few more items to be given to me as Christmas gifts. There’s a good chance that I probably squealed when I opened up the gifts from him (he spoiled me rotten our first Christmas together).

August 8 2010 064

{Everything Adventurous Magnet}

August 8 2010 066 August 8 2010 070

{Little Lovers Prints}

Since that Christmas, I’ve been frequenting his website, longing to own an original. I discovered a live journal community that Kurt himself was a member of, and kept track of his work through there as well. I also learned just how kind Kurt his, and how much he truly cares about his fans. I’d often read comments left by Kurt, offering to fix artwork that had arrived in the mail damaged.

While owning an original is still a ways off for me, I noticed several weeks ago that he was selling postcards from his latest show, and if you pre-ordered them, he’d include a couple of handwritten post-it notes. I jumped all over that chance! Last week, my postcards arrived, and I’m pretty excited to call them mine!

August 8 2010 054

{My post-it notes}

August 8 2010 056
{The entire set of postcards}

August 8 2010 058 August 8 2010 059

August 8 2010 060 August 8 2010 062

{A few close ups}

Do you have any favorite artists?

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