Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Trip To The Zoo

The past two weeks have been busy for me. Between family staying with us last week, and job hunting this week, I haven’t had much time for pleasure baking. I say pleasure baking because I’ve actually been baking up a storm at work, to stock up my Nanny Family’s freezer with cookies. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to take pictures of, so you’ll have to wait until next week for a recipe. I’m sure you can forgive me though!
August 21 175

Last Friday was a designated Zoo day. It was supposed to be a big trip, including Stephen, his brother, girlfriend and their baby and my three Friday kids. Due to unforeseen circumstances that I won’t get into out of respect for privacy, Stephen’s brother, girlfriend and baby didn’t end up making the trip with us. They slept for most of the day, so Stephen still decided to come with my Friday kids and I (who still had to go because I was working after all). My Friday boys adore Stephen. My heart melted a little every time they wanted to hold his hand over mine! We also discovered that seeing animals is fun, but letting the kids run around on a patch of grass is twice as fun. Stephen and I sat on a bench, and the kids ran and wrestled for a good half hour. I can’t believe they didn’t tire themselves out! Stephen says that they have too much energy for him.

August 21 139 For the first time in years, I walked through the Canadian Wilds exhibit. I normally skip that area of the zoo, because it’s filled with animals that I can see when I go camping!

August 21 156

August 21 192

Apparently this time around, I took way more pictures of my kids than I took of the animals. I have a few pictures that are hilarious; I’ll have to print them off for their parents as well.

I’ve discovered that the best work day I could ever have is spending the day at the zoo with Stephen and my kids. The day went by so fast, and I didn’t even feel like I was working!

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